Saturday, May 9, 2015

Catch up Time

Yes a huge catch up indeed....oh well 
So here goes
February I attending the Millrose blog meet we always have such a blast at these get togethers.
We have all bonded as great friends and it is always so nice to see everyones smiling faces
This is O'faighs quilt, just amazing, the patience that this woman has is just mind blowing.
Go on I dare you to count the hexies...
March...The fun of attending a Gail Pan and Romana Herman workshop.
Gail is just one of the most down to earth and genuinely lovely people in life.
It was so great to meet her and listen to her talk of how she got started in the crazy sewing industry.
and she gave us goody can't beat a fab goodie bag.
I also got to spend time with this great bunch of ladies.
Even though we nearly ended up at a horsey event instead of a sew in....
I guess either would of been fun as long as it was spent with this lot.
I work in Macedon and this is probably the best place to work in Autumn
when the trees are at their glorious best
I get to drive through here twice a day to and from work four times on a Wednesday when I'm out delivering lunches
Just breath taking.
Now working in a cafe definitely has it's advantages you get to meet some very awesome and interesting people.
This is how I found out about the lady on the grave. After some gents asked me what I new about this lady. Of course I didn't know anything I didn't even know that she existed until they showed me some snaps. But I dug and delved and it's amazing what you find out.
She is on the grave in Memory of Laurence Matheson of Duneira, only one of the most amazingly beautiful open gardens in Mt Macedon
She represents the Spirit of Nature Sleeping Ready to Wake Again
and was sculpted by Peter Schipperhyn
I have also finished a commission quilt top for a lady.
I do love the over all affect of this pattern and it is made in Bali Batiks 
Held up by my gorgeous boy Darcee...isn't he handsome....seriously can't you tell just by his fingers and shoes.
I have to giggle about his shyness considering he spends most of his time flexing in front of a window or mirror.
 LOL teenage boys. are the Shirt quilts going...I can't wait to see the posting of pics.


Willsquiltnsew said...

Hi there, welcome back, a lovely post. I was not aware of the sculpture either.
Shirt challenge finished, how about you?

kiwikid said...

So nice to see you back in print again!! That was interesting about the sculpture..amazing what you can find out about the local area. Love the quilt...well done for getting it finished! Love the autumn colours. Shirt challenge quilt....mmmmmm...not much has happened since moving house, but I have not forgotten it!!

Christine M said...

Great catching up with you Sue. The quilt you have made looks great.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post my friend ,love the autumn tree pics and how interesting about the lady in stone,looking forward to catching up with you next week xx

Raewyn said...

Nice to see you sounds like you have kept busy even if you have't been blogging :-) Your commision quilt is gorgeous - very effective - well done. Shirt challenge a glorious picture in my mind!

Fiona said...

wooohoooo... you didn't run away from us... lovely post full of lots of interesting things.... the quilt is wonderful.... my shirt quilt is done ... it's not amazing but i did one...

Chookyblue...... said...

big catch up........glad to see you back.........

Anita said...

Hey thanks for the info on the sleeping lady. I love stuff like that and what a piece of art it is. Loved the pics of the autumn filled trees and of course the patchwork is too yummy.
Cheers, Anita.

Melody said...

I adore Macedon and all the beautiful gardens. This was a fascinating post. I must seek out the spirit of nature sculpture.

Robin said...

Where are the instructions for the shirt quilt? I would love to give it a try. Thanks

simplestitches said...

what an awesome sculpture! love the batik quilt and Autumn is one of my favourite times of year..lovely

retdairyqueen said...