Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FnwF------Word Photo Challenge

My Friday night started off a little behind, which involved me waiting for the free range girls to pop them selves into bed, so that I could pop myself down to Sues place for our FnwF get together.
I finally arrived to find Sue, Tania & Marg working very busily on the Underground Railroad block.
The block this month was the Wagon Wheel Block.
Skill Level Easy.
Margs Block....Marg hand stitched her block down.
Sues Block...Sue decided to machine stitch her wheel down.
Tanias Block...Tania decided to machine stitch her wheel down.
All of our blocks together.
This is my block....yes I know skill level easy, but boy did I have some issues..
The pattern called to back the wheel with interfacing which was fine until I ironed the front of my see all of the interfacing at the back of the block melted and shrivelled under my wheel.
So I spent much time picking it all off my fabric and redoing the block.
I'm in the middle of hand stitching my wheel down.
 Some nights I just shouldn't leave the house.

 Word Photo Challenge

Word Free
My picture is of one of the girls Free ranging
And this weeks word is 
This is my girl....Isis
She is a Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Wednesday Night Natterings

 Wednesday nights are always so enjoyable down at our Gisborne Quilters Meet ups.
We discuss all sorts of interesting topics from how do astronauts poop in space to how the country should be ran and what our politicians are up to.
We often have someone in the group with a completed item that they show 'n' tell also.
Here we have Margs Quilt Aid Quilt (2009 edition)
There is so much work in this and it has turned out just lovely.
It was also quilted by Kerri Thomas from Blackforest Quilting in Macedon.
This is Annettes lovely quilt and let me tell you this is huge.....and heavy
So much work in this and Annette quilted this on her own domestic machine..Well don Annette!
A little bit of craziness going on here with Sue making great progress on her Crazy quilting
and this is Sues gorgeous sheep or is it a wolf in sheeps clothing...oh the questions that we ponder on.
My son Darcee arrived after his first shift of work at Food Works and gave us all a giggle when he thought that it was an Armadillo.
Carol had another mug rug arrive from her daughter just in time for Easter.
Isn't he a cute rabbit and so clever to...balancing an egg on his head.
Now this one here is a worry...the thought of all those bunnies out there looking for their tails.
Now how stunning is this...Carol was busy working on this for one of her grand children...
1 down 10 to go Carol.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Catch Up Time.....

First off- The photo word challenge


Why is it that the giants in my house forget about short ass me.....not that I'm that short, I measure a whopping 162cm. Mind you though all of the men in the house hold are well over the 6ft mark.
All I ask is that they lower the  shower head for me so I don't have to "stretch"

"Just Book It"

Now this is where I join up with Sharon over at vroomans quilts and a bunch of over lovelies to make a project out of a book, Magazine etc that we have laying lifelessly on our shelves.
1 project a month!
I also have a folder with lots of free projects that I've been saving, with all good intentions of me going to make them one day.
This time I finally got around to make the Mug Bag from Red Brolly Designs
Yes, I have used Tim Holtz eclectic elements range.
This is it opened, I even have a tea bag holder.
and this is the back.


I join Kris from Tagalong Teddies and Peg from happy in quilting
Who are the lovely ladies that keep us all motivated and they also keep a tally of all of our finishes.
This is all of my finishes for March a total of 29 Items
1 Elf
1 Flag on a stick
1 Mug Bag
9 Lavender draw sachets
6 Lavender eye masks
9 Burp cloths
2 Hot Pads

And not forgetting the flags on a stick.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Beware....It's my turn to wave the Flag

Oh boy....this can get a little daunting, especially when there are so many talented people out there.
Have you checked out the earlier flags?....they are amazing.
My flag all started with this piece of fabric that I had painted and coloured myself.
It actually has quite a sheen and sparkle to it, but unfortunately the camera didn't seem to pick that up.
I added some 3 dimensional butterflies
A little bit of appliqué and some embroidery
I also added a little paint.
You can't beat a quilt hanging from an old fence....or a pencil that draws sparkly lines,
and who would be with out their machine.
Now away with the suspense I give you my flag.
Beware Creativity Is Contagious!

If you've been to my place you would know that I dabble in many areas of craft.
So I thought that this would be just perfect to hang in my yard.
Now I didn't get around to ordering from our fantastic sponsor
They have some terrific stands, I highly recommend that you pop over for a peek.
But I chose to use a Stick and my trusty side kick, Darcee
This is the back...I just love Autumn Colours
and here is a view of how my butterflies sit.
A big thank you to......
Thearica for keeping us all organised
Please don't forget to check out my fellow flag wavers below.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Elf & Garden Show

Mickey the Elf is now complete....I'm so pleased that I can tick another UFO of the list.
I just love the colours of this one, he is the 3rd one that I have made.
Melbourne Flower Show
On Saturday hubby, mum and myself trotted off to the Flower & Garden show in Melbourne.
I thought that the ticket price was a bit hefty at $27 a head. If you had seen how many thousands of people that were there I can assure you that they were certainly raking it in.
I must admit that it was a very enjoyable day out though and the weather was absolutely perfect.
Although I do like flowers and gardens, I always find that I'm more attracted to sculptures and your arty farty stuff.
Blooming marvellous.
Now these 3 look like they are made out of metal but no...they are actually made from clay.
It also took out first place.
This is called the chook chaser..designed and made by Alastair Mason
I had quite a chat to Alastair, I just love listening to an artist especially when they speak with so much passion.
This Rooster was made with knives and forks.
I just love the look of this...very clever.
 Beware the woolly jumper.
This was designed and created by Pimpisa Tinpalit.
Made from fibre glass it is named

Friday, March 28, 2014

Elfin Good Time

I've been steadily working on my UFO's..this one I'm hoping to have finished today.
This will end up being an Elf...Mickie Elf to be more suffice.
He was designed by Irene Harris you'll find her over at Renee's Cottage Crafts
They have lots of lovely patterns to peruse.


This is my photo for the word / photo challenge over at Alshas space
The word for this one was STAR.
I chose this, because I just love the fabric it reminds me of the night sky with all it's twinkling stars.
The name of the fabric is "Tis the season" by Fabri quilt..I purchased a whole heap of this from spotlight when they were getting rid of all there Xmas fabrics one January .....many many moons ago.

Have you had a look at some of these blogs....boy oh boy, there are some very talented ladies out there.