Thursday, August 30, 2018

Just a Little Frosty

Woke this morning to a very chilli start, it was a beautiful -2 
I absolutely adore the cold weather, I always feel so invigorated, full of drive and energy.
I thought that I would give the Macro a little bit of a work out too.
It picked up the frosty particles just beautifuly
I hope that your day is full of warmth and love x

Sunday, February 12, 2017

As promised Mrs Palmer

Well lookie has certainly been a while since I've made some type of appearance on my blog.
I'm not even going to mention how long...for that will make me feel even worse.
With all excuses aside, and moving I seem to be forever hearing lately,
I have a blog post...requested by a very dear friend Mrs Palmer
Now I'm sure that a lot of you would know Mrs Palmer mostly by the name of Sue over at

So here is to you Mrs Palmer a blog post by me......Mrs Perry
I found this cute panel of critters and thought that I would sew them up in to softies
I  have filled their bellies with lavender, they smell divine and I am now extremely calm.
 I have finished a quilt top of snowball blocks, made with Tim Holtz fabrics and shot cotton
 Now I also made a Hussif....To be honest I had no idea what a Hussif was...but after researching they are very's just that I have never heard them being called that before.
This was a free pattern from the block of the month that I had joined...called Down the Rabbit Hole. By Sarah Fielke
 So I decided to embroider on my machine a collection from Alice in Wonderland
to suit the theme.
 My bunny has little watch pieces stitched to him, along with painted eyes &felt eye lids
 The of course from the Tim Holtz range
 The clock faces suit the Rabbit for always being late & the Mad Hatter just in time for tea
Yes.....I know what your all thinking...what! another block of the month...I know! I have about a million of unfinished projects...but hey I don't drink, smoke or hang with naughty this is my vice.
Last but not least my block for a charity very first foundation pieced block, I actually quite enjoyed that process.
So there you go Mrs Palmer, I hope that I didn't disappoint. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Just in case you missed these...

I'm still blown away by these shirt quilts.
Some very creative ladies out there for sure.
This one below is Raewyns
Click on the link below to check our how she put this together.
Inline image 1
Sheilas wonderful quilt, i love the colours in this one
This is Sunnys
So many different styles.... It makes me want to go and raid all of the OP shops
for their shirts
And not forgetting Fionas from 
Thanks for joining in everyone
Now if anyone is up to more challenges, My lovely friend Donna has just announced 2
Check it out in the above link.
All are welcome

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

But wait there's more......

There is certainly a few pics to show you.....
Nothing like stretching the talent out.
This one here has been made by Sue from Kiwikidspage.
Sue has very cleverly used the pockets from the shirts.
Can you believe that this quilt is being donated to the Melbourne Zoo for the female Orang-utans to use. The keepers hide treats in the pockets for the Orang-utans to find them

Robyn is in the middle of working on her shirt challenge all of those squares are only 1 1/2 inches in size. Can't wait to see the finished product it is going to look amazing.
Now this piece is another quilt made by Gisborne Marina....Yep quilt number 3. When this woman gets on a roll there is certainly no stopping her.
This flimsy has been made by Marina @ Maisie and the Boys and I absolutely love it.
Marina had already made one of these using Batiks.
The border on this is also made with shirt fabric and I do believe she has a few of her dads shirts in there too....It just makes it even more special.
I can se Marina all wrapped up in this and feeling the love.
Stay Tuned
More to come

Monday, November 2, 2015

More Shirt Challenge Quilts & Kaffe Fasset Challenge Quilts

As promised more photos
 of some very creative creations 
All made from recycled mens shirts.
It is truly amazing as to how much fabric you can get out of shirts and some of the ways that these ladies have used them is just outstanding.
This masculine quilt has been made by Anette it also seems to be a design from Kaffe Fasset book Simple Shapes Spectacular quilts
 Helens cleverly made quilt...beautiful
Now remember the rule was that you could only add one other fabric.
The ladies have managed this very well.
This gorgeous wonder is Margs quilt. How effective does this look, using a light back ground she has made those shirt fabrics pop.
 This is the beginning of Tanias Kaffe Fasset Challenge it is called 
Floral Snowballs
This is also a Kaffe Fasset starter for Tania
Indigo Points
How lovely is this!
Tanias Shirt Challenge wall hanging quilt.
I'm loving those blues.
More to come......
We hope to see you tomorrow

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Shirt Challenge Reveal

Image result for shirts
I guess that you have all been holding your breath in anticipation for the 
reveal of the shirt quilt challenge.
I personally, can not believe how quick that time has gone and how quickly the reveal date has arrived.
Saturday was the day, we had organised a few of us (12 in total) to get together at Margs place and make a day of it.
Chatting, Laughter, and plenty of food is always provided at these classy events.
It is always time well spent when catching up with such fabulous friends.
We decided to combine 2 Challenges 
the Kaffe Fassett Challenge & the Shirt challenge
with a touch of Halloween

We started off with a bit of show & tell....
This is Margs Message in a Bottle quilt
an Irene Blanck design
And here is Sues wonderful creation using beautiful Batiks
The lovely Witchy Pooh Anette popped up from Ballarat
Over the next few days I'll show more pics we don't want to totally photo bomb you guys.
This is sues Kaffe Fassett Challenge Quilt 
 Bordered Diamonds
 The very talented Gisborne Marina decided to use her Shirt Fabrics to make her Kaffe Fassett Quilt-Nothing beats killing 2 birds with one stone.
This design is called Earthy Mitred Boxes 
The gorgeous city girls Marina, Robyn and Joe
Another Gisborne Marina Kaffe Fassett quilt - Yellow Potpourri
and this is the same quilt but with larger blocks made by Anette for the Kaffe Fassett Challenge
 Donnas hand pieced Kaffe Fassett 

 Gorgeous backing fabric
Circle of Stars
I will pot some more pics tomorrow.......In the mean time if you wish to share your pics add your details below so that we can all pop on over for a sticky....

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hibernating Bear

Feeling a bit like a Bear in Hibernation....
along with the massive back log......of not what the bears need to get rid of.
But of all the things that need to be blogged about.
Image result for bear hibernating
1st- off - Robin....I would of loved to of gotten back to you about the shirt challenge but unfortunately you are a no reply blogger, there for I was unable to contact you for all of your details were hidden.
All of the information about this is under a tab on my main page.
2nd- After a numerous amount of requests the unveiling for the shirt challenge has been moved
to the 31st of OCTOBER
I do hope that this hasn't upset anybody, but then again it does leave a little more time for those who have not yet completed.

Now, what have I been up to?
I have resigned from work and I will now be working with my husband in our own business.
Our partner is retiring so this has left a void that I will happily be full filling.
My dear girl Isis was put to rest on the 10th of July
Even though all of the issues with her leg were finally on the upside she then ended up with Lymphoma
She will be forever in my heart xx 

I went to the Irene Blanck book signing with my gorgeous friends.
Yes I also purchased the book which was a bargain with 13 gorgeous patterns in it.

and yes I'm a sucker for taking on more than I can handle. I have also signed up for Irenes block of the month through the lovely Mary down at PatchnQuilt in Gisborne.
Fun fun fun.
For all of you that live kinda local Pick up stitches in Kyneton Vic is having a huge sale with 50% off all fabrics until the end of August
I made a heartfelt table runner for Margs birthday.
and I went to Puffing Billy and travelled 1st class with a lovely meal
to celebrate my bosses 50th Birthday.

Big hugs to all - Tracee xx
Until the next time that I decide to climb out of hibernation and stretch the blogging fingers.