Saturday, December 6, 2014


Our very last FnwF for the year, how quickly the time flies.
A very big thank you to Cheryl for being the 
Last night I joined up with a couple of my sewing buddies, Marg & Sue. Normally Tania would be there too, but she was having a little holiday with her family.
We met at Margs house and kicked off the night with yummy fish & chips and salad.
Margs tree was up and decorated just beautifully.
 Then it was down to some show 'n' tell
This is Sues quilt she is hiding behind it...
My camera hasn't done the colours in this quilt justice for it is absolutely stunning.
Both Sue and Marg had just picked up their quilts from the quilters
They both went to Kerrie Thomas @ Blackforest Qulting in Macedon
Margs quilt is so not her normal colour choice but this is a gift for someone else.
Yes, she has used Kaffe Fassett fabrics and I feel that it has come together just beautifully.
Judging by the look on Margs face she is extremely happy with it too.
This is what Marg was stitching the very last block to the underground rail road quilt
I think Sue may be contemplating whether she has done enough binding work or not.
I worked on a stitchery that came with the CGT Club...
Nearly done...once again the colours don't look as vibrant as they actually are.
I must of had a lighting issue last night.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas creating

I can't believe that I didn't blog about this last year...
Oh well better late than never..
Last year Darcee and myself decided to make our own Xmas tree
We cut out large cardboard  triangles and taped them all together
 Just so you can get the size into perspective
Darcee is just over 6ft tall
 We then sat it onto a large Christmas box

 Wrapped it in lights
Then I set about make lots of large tissue paper flowers
 Yes me in my PJ's...and on the phone
when a girl is in a creative mood everything else just goes out the window
 Well over a hundred in the making
 Star attached to the top, then I used a glue gun to stick the flowers on
 I then glued Christmas baubles to the centre of each flower
 This is it sitting on top of my Christmas tree skirt
 Added pressies and handmade reindeer
 and this is it all lit up
 Now if you are to do this...
I wouldn't recommend using fairy lights for they just didn't show through
It's the glow from the rope light that gives the best effect.
Mmmmm now what to make this year.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November Opam

My Opam results for November
2 Adult bibs
 As demonstrated by my far from sloppy mother
6 Christmas ornaments
1 Reindeer brooch
 and a Pin cushion.
Isn't it amazing how the little things add up.

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Day of Play

Sue and I went off to Baxter today for a Day of play with
Karen from Mrs Martins Quilt shop & Barb Smith known as Theadora Cleave
It was a fun filled day with lots of creativity in the air.
There was painting, stamping and stencilling too.
Along with fine food generously made by the CWA
We also got to meet up with our good friends
Cheryl and Sheryl
and not forgetting the lovely Melody
Mmmmm there must be something quite interesting in Mels pocket
There was a goodie bag
along with a couple of purchases
Lots of hard work
I think that Mel has forgotten that she is suppose to be painting her tags not herself
Someone's creations
 There were approximately 40 ladies at this event
 There was also lots of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing
 Barb giving her spiel

Sunday, November 30, 2014

@Mill Rose with the Girls

Through the Red door we ventured once again...
to meet up with our bloggy friends from near and far.
These fun filled days, I'm sure will be remembered for many years to come.
The bond of friendship that is formed at these get togethers is amazing and they just seem to strengthen and grow with every meeting.
This was the swap gifts that I had made...
Barb had originally received it but then bad Santa intervened and made every one pass their parcels 2 steps to the right because no one would swap.
Here are all of the other swaps being received....there may have been some laughs and in appropriate rubbing of gifts or sneezing onto gifts so that bad Santa couldn't encourage participants to swap.
 over all another fantastic day spent laughing and enjoying each others company
with like minded friends.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Can you believe that there is only 
42 Days and 17 hours 
until Christmas
Where does the time fly.....
Well spring arrived and gives us a lovely show by always supplying us with lovely little surprises like these gorgeous ducklings
Mum & Dad duck had 15 ducklings and due to nature and everything else that life can throw at them are down to 8 ducklings.
They are all doing extremely is so nice to watch them grow up.
And this is one of my new magnolias that has showed it's first bloom.
Halloween has also been and gone
Some people just shouldn't be let out of the house.
Marina wearing the very stylish purple Witchy Poo outfit.
I think that this one may need a nose job....for it is far too small for our Withcy coven 
Gorgeous Jenny from New Zealand...not that we'll hold that against her is looking super ugly with her pumpkin wand...mind you she broke that with in like 2 minutes...some people just shouldn't be allowed toys
Jenny number 2 having a cackle over someones poor joke and looking divine in her skeleton cape.
Donna bringing the coven to order with her pitchfork and puff of red smoke
I guess that is better than blowing hot air out your...........
We always spoil ourselves with yucky treats...the talent of these ladies just keeps on rolling in.
Now a very dear friend of mine had a Birthday and I surprised her with a Sue Spargo inspired pin cushion
that I tweaked into a rainforest look flower with a bubba Orangutan 
How cute is he...Happy Birthday Sue
I have also done work on my mosaic floor...sorry I forgot to take photos,
I will put some up soon.
Hubby surprised me with this bunch of flowers for our 24th Anniversary
28 years together
I also received a lovely home cooked meal too...mmm I may have to keep him a bit longer.
How are your shirt challenges going ladies....this is a hard secret to keep....I so want to share my progress..