Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Can you believe that there is only 
42 Days and 17 hours 
until Christmas
Where does the time fly.....
Well spring arrived and gives us a lovely show by always supplying us with lovely little surprises like these gorgeous ducklings
Mum & Dad duck had 15 ducklings and due to nature and everything else that life can throw at them are down to 8 ducklings.
They are all doing extremely is so nice to watch them grow up.
And this is one of my new magnolias that has showed it's first bloom.
Halloween has also been and gone
Some people just shouldn't be let out of the house.
Marina wearing the very stylish purple Witchy Poo outfit.
I think that this one may need a nose job....for it is far too small for our Withcy coven 
Gorgeous Jenny from New Zealand...not that we'll hold that against her is looking super ugly with her pumpkin wand...mind you she broke that with in like 2 minutes...some people just shouldn't be allowed toys
Jenny number 2 having a cackle over someones poor joke and looking divine in her skeleton cape.
Donna bringing the coven to order with her pitchfork and puff of red smoke
I guess that is better than blowing hot air out your...........
We always spoil ourselves with yucky treats...the talent of these ladies just keeps on rolling in.
Now a very dear friend of mine had a Birthday and I surprised her with a Sue Spargo inspired pin cushion
that I tweaked into a rainforest look flower with a bubba Orangutan 
How cute is he...Happy Birthday Sue
I have also done work on my mosaic floor...sorry I forgot to take photos,
I will put some up soon.
Hubby surprised me with this bunch of flowers for our 24th Anniversary
28 years together
I also received a lovely home cooked meal too...mmm I may have to keep him a bit longer.
How are your shirt challenges going ladies....this is a hard secret to keep....I so want to share my progress..

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting Shirty

What an absolutely gorgeous weekend it is the weather is just perfect.
You can definitely tell that Spring has arrived with the showing of 7 little ducklings and parents swimming on the dam.
We had our lovely neighbours over for tea last night....
Yes they were quite tasty, would of been great if there was a bit more meat on their bones.....hehehe
Seriously though it was a terrific night with plenty of food and wine and some great laughs.
I can now unveil the Summer mini that Sue & I had done on behalf of Tania
De over at Re-De-Zines has let me know that she has received it.
 I have done some work on the Shirt Challenge and cut out 100's of 1 1/2" Blocks
and twice as many 2 1/2" x 3" Rectangles
Look at how nice all of theses fabrics go together.....
they look even more fabulous on the pool table green....hehehehe
Now for some show n tell, 
my beautiful friend Shez had surprised me by sending one of her lovely needle books and scissor keeps to me for my Birthday....
How sweet are they..Thanks Shez, I just love them.
Have a great weekend everyone......
and how is your Shirt challenge coming along?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Update

G'day all......
Yes, yes, yes I know that it's been a while....
but I have been very busy working here at the Lazy baker

and by the time I get home I'm just plain old pooped.
I haven't been too idle though....I've managed to draw out  my new design for my next floor mosaic project
The individual lines on the petals are only a guide so I know which is a mistake in my art work and which isn't.
Some where in September I turned a day older and I was quite spoilt by my family and friends
Gorgeous gifts and many Tim Holtz fabrics which I just adore.

Flowers too...

and very spoilt with a Kitchen Aid...I have wanted one of these forever...
and now I have a red one...I guess that means I can cook a lot faster now.
an awesome day was spent with some very special ladies
I did say special......they made a special lunch for me with Balloons and treats.
Our beautiful Tania was able to join us after not long being out of hospital.
I'm so glad that she was there.
It wouldn't of been the awesome foursome other wise.
Lunch was so yummy..........
Thank you ladies
I have finally found some border fabric for my Underground Rail road quilt
That I'm really happy with
It's a stone wash green, and it actually goes just perfect with the Kansas Troubles and Timmy Holtz Range
Yes I have been working on this secret challenge sewing
and the Shirt Challenge project too..... 
I found one of these buggers in my bath mat....that I had stepped on and off I don't know how many times
So glad that I never got stung. 
Some stitching has been done......
and I signed up for The Cottage Gardens Thread club over at 
You should pop on over and say Hi...Karen is always so lovely.
Sue and I have also been helping Tania out with some secret sewing....
here is a sneak peek
I just hope that the recipient is happy.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Opam, Just Book It

 Today I'm linking up with 
Lets Book It!

I honestly can't remember if I've used this one or not...but this is my book finished flimsy of the North Pole.
and I'm very happy to say that I have completed all of the blocks for my Underground Railroad

Now for my Opam
Opam 2014 Tally - 84

 1 Completed stitchery design by Marg Lowe
A craft Frame and box plus a number of tags, that I made at the Theodora Cleaves work shop.
A Christmas bauble...also designed by Marg Lowe

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shirts on the ready!

On ya marks get set..........
get creating....
Ideas always sound sooooo good in the head
and in the spur of the moment.
Then you receive the final cuts of shirts.......
and you think how am I going to do this...
I'm sure that there is quite a few of you at this moment feeling and thinking the same thing.
1....this is one way of getting out of your comfort zone's a way of getting those creative juices flowing's actually amazing the things you CAN come up with when limited supplies are handed over
3....enjoy the journey 
4....have fun
Lovely Marg starting to share the shirtings out into grab bags
My shirt bag opened and cuttings out on display...
Oh where to begin......
Now remember ladies only one other fabric of your choice is to join the pile.
and please......
don't stress you will have 12 months to come up with a completed project.
So go get those creative juices flowing...
I can't wait to see what you'll come up with.
....and anyone can join in at any time...
more the merrier.


Monday, August 18, 2014

A day of play part 2

This is what I got to create on the day with Barb
It was so much fun to just go with the flow and not get too precise with the creating side of things
We got to paint, stencil, spritz, tie, stamp and stick
and fancy that....I even managed to get a little shopping done.
This a Max & Louise Pattern that I picked up and some of Barbs beautiful thread keepers and buttons.
A big thanks to Barb, Karen from Mrs Martins Quilt Shop and all of the gorgeous ladies for such a wonderful day.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Day of Play

What an amazing was had by all.....
Well....I guess that I really can't speak for the all but I do know a few ladies that had a ball.
Like Sue, Tania, Shez, Melody and my dear self.
This here ladies is Barb may know her as the Wood Cutters Daughter.....or Theadora Cleave
It was so great to meet her and to get to do a work shop with gorgeous lady.
Barb makes the most amazingly adorable wooden buttons.

Melody and Shez
and who would these two cheeky buggers be....
yep my gorgeous friends Sue and Tania.
We always have the best times when let out to play.
Here are some pics of the items that Barb has created and has used her buttons in.
It all looked so gorgeous
 On the day we received a goodie bag with some buttons and fun things to use in our creations.
This is what Sue created
and this is Tanias
I'll show you some more tomorrow......I'd hate to overload you with pics.