Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hibernating Bear

Feeling a bit like a Bear in Hibernation....
along with the massive back log......of not what the bears need to get rid of.
But of all the things that need to be blogged about.
Image result for bear hibernating
1st- off - Robin....I would of loved to of gotten back to you about the shirt challenge but unfortunately you are a no reply blogger, there for I was unable to contact you for all of your details were hidden.
All of the information about this is under a tab on my main page.
2nd- After a numerous amount of requests the unveiling for the shirt challenge has been moved
to the 31st of OCTOBER
I do hope that this hasn't upset anybody, but then again it does leave a little more time for those who have not yet completed.

Now, what have I been up to?
I have resigned from work and I will now be working with my husband in our own business.
Our partner is retiring so this has left a void that I will happily be full filling.
My dear girl Isis was put to rest on the 10th of July
Even though all of the issues with her leg were finally on the upside she then ended up with Lymphoma
She will be forever in my heart xx 

I went to the Irene Blanck book signing with my gorgeous friends.
Yes I also purchased the book which was a bargain with 13 gorgeous patterns in it.

and yes I'm a sucker for taking on more than I can handle. I have also signed up for Irenes block of the month through the lovely Mary down at PatchnQuilt in Gisborne.
Fun fun fun.
For all of you that live kinda local Pick up stitches in Kyneton Vic is having a huge sale with 50% off all fabrics until the end of August
I made a heartfelt table runner for Margs birthday.
and I went to Puffing Billy and travelled 1st class with a lovely meal
to celebrate my bosses 50th Birthday.

Big hugs to all - Tracee xx
Until the next time that I decide to climb out of hibernation and stretch the blogging fingers.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Catch up Time

Yes a huge catch up indeed....oh well 
So here goes
February I attending the Millrose blog meet we always have such a blast at these get togethers.
We have all bonded as great friends and it is always so nice to see everyones smiling faces
This is O'faighs quilt, just amazing, the patience that this woman has is just mind blowing.
Go on I dare you to count the hexies...
March...The fun of attending a Gail Pan and Romana Herman workshop.
Gail is just one of the most down to earth and genuinely lovely people in life.
It was so great to meet her and listen to her talk of how she got started in the crazy sewing industry.
and she gave us goody can't beat a fab goodie bag.
I also got to spend time with this great bunch of ladies.
Even though we nearly ended up at a horsey event instead of a sew in....
I guess either would of been fun as long as it was spent with this lot.
I work in Macedon and this is probably the best place to work in Autumn
when the trees are at their glorious best
I get to drive through here twice a day to and from work four times on a Wednesday when I'm out delivering lunches
Just breath taking.
Now working in a cafe definitely has it's advantages you get to meet some very awesome and interesting people.
This is how I found out about the lady on the grave. After some gents asked me what I new about this lady. Of course I didn't know anything I didn't even know that she existed until they showed me some snaps. But I dug and delved and it's amazing what you find out.
She is on the grave in Memory of Laurence Matheson of Duneira, only one of the most amazingly beautiful open gardens in Mt Macedon
She represents the Spirit of Nature Sleeping Ready to Wake Again
and was sculpted by Peter Schipperhyn
I have also finished a commission quilt top for a lady.
I do love the over all affect of this pattern and it is made in Bali Batiks 
Held up by my gorgeous boy Darcee...isn't he handsome....seriously can't you tell just by his fingers and shoes.
I have to giggle about his shyness considering he spends most of his time flexing in front of a window or mirror.
 LOL teenage boys. are the Shirt quilts going...I can't wait to see the posting of pics.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eclectic Element Blog Hop

First of all I would like to thank Nicola over at
for hosting the Eclectic Element Blog Hop.
As most of you know I just love the Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements fabric range so this was definitely my first choice for this Hop
I rummaged through all of the patterns that I had and found one that I thought would look great in these fabrics
This is the front panel, I had appliquéd some of the moths on to the front pocket. 
I then added some rusty rings to attach the handles then embellished them with a plaited cord and a rusty moth.
On the other side I added some more sweetness, just for effect.
along with some leather heart magnetic clasps
and a key holder to match, which will now be much easier to find than digging through the contents of my bag.
Mmmmm, now I feel that I need to make a purse to match, or a glasses case.
I wonder what everyone else created?
Do you want to see.....are you not slightly curious....oh go on pop on over to see what everyone else has made
I know that I will be.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I have also been doing some Mosaic work on my lounge floor.
I will post some photos later on with my progress.
I have also decided that this type of work is a great work out for the leg and but muscles.
Believe me some days I haven't even been able to get up the stairs from all of the crawling around I've been doing.
Dabbled with a little bit of stitching using my cottage garden threads
The colours in this one are super cute.
 With all of the hard work I've been doing I rewarded myself with a new machine
His name is Bernie and believe me he is one smooth operator.
I'll be just fine with him once I finally get through reading the giant phone book size manual.
This is my practice pieces
I just need some more time to play.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


For Christmas I received a Macro lens and boy did I have some fun with this.
I just love the detail that this lens shows
I found this red back with a lovely sack of eggs
The lens even shows the web detail
 and the hairs on this spiders legs and back
I thought that I should finish with something a little sweeter.
This month I also signed up for a Eclectic Element blog hop...
I just love the Tim Holtz fabric range, I'm sure that it would be perfect for this. I'm scheduled for Feb the 10th I better get cracking
You can find the details over at Nicolas Blog Here
Its never to late to join in, go on pop over and say hi to Nicola.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A long long time ago.....

I use to post quite regular...
Gees I feel that I could almost put this into song.
So there for I will not bore you with the usual excuses such as work, life etc...blah blah blah
The most important thing is that I am here now and I have missed everybody very very much.
Now lets see December....
Christmas was spent with my family and we just had the best time as you can see by the smile on my kids faces.
 Darcee, Chloe and Josh
Ohhhh Brotherly love
 I should really call them young adults
 And I got to spend some time with some wonderful friends
We had a bit of a Chrissy swap and nibblies
such a fun time and gorgeous gifts.
 In early Jan I managed to get 3 weeks Holiday and I had my lovely blogging friends up for a wonderful lunch and get together.
mmm just a few peeps missing from this pic
to be continued.....

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Our very last FnwF for the year, how quickly the time flies.
A very big thank you to Cheryl for being the 
Last night I joined up with a couple of my sewing buddies, Marg & Sue. Normally Tania would be there too, but she was having a little holiday with her family.
We met at Margs house and kicked off the night with yummy fish & chips and salad.
Margs tree was up and decorated just beautifully.
 Then it was down to some show 'n' tell
This is Sues quilt she is hiding behind it...
My camera hasn't done the colours in this quilt justice for it is absolutely stunning.
Both Sue and Marg had just picked up their quilts from the quilters
They both went to Kerrie Thomas @ Blackforest Qulting in Macedon
Margs quilt is so not her normal colour choice but this is a gift for someone else.
Yes, she has used Kaffe Fassett fabrics and I feel that it has come together just beautifully.
Judging by the look on Margs face she is extremely happy with it too.
This is what Marg was stitching the very last block to the underground rail road quilt
I think Sue may be contemplating whether she has done enough binding work or not.
I worked on a stitchery that came with the CGT Club...
Nearly done...once again the colours don't look as vibrant as they actually are.
I must of had a lighting issue last night.