Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 2

Today is My Hubby's Birthday so big hugs and kisses for him.
Unfortunately the pres that I had ordered for him has not arrived on time so he will have to be patient a little longer.
I did get around to making him a yummy Cheesecake though.
We will have lovely family meal tonight also.

Well lets see....I managed to do some work on a little Elf that I had been making (hmmmmhmm)
Whoops sorry..I meant that I am finishing off an Elf that my dear daughter had started and now thinks that it is far too hard to complete. So hence Mum to the rescue.
Yes I will get his head on eventually along with his hair and boots.
I also did lots of ironing.
and met another beautiful person and gave them a Reiki Healing.
So all in all Life Is Great.


Flying Blind... said...

Happy birthday to the Mister x

Melody said...

Happy birthday to your husband. Cheesecake is my favourite.