Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 1

So......this is to be my first post of many for the month of October, since  have decided to join 
the Blogtoberfest.
This is where we are suppose to post something on our blog every day for the month of October.
This I must say this will be quite a bit of a challenge since I seem to only get around to posting approximately twice a month.
But...we shell see how we go
I must say so far so good...Hehehe
I have finished another Elf from my Christmas Tree Skirt.
That is now nine down and one more to go.
This is a photo of the moon that I took a couple of nights ago.
I think that it looks amazing. It is called the Halo effect. This is a sign of thin Cirrus clouds drifting high above our heads. These clouds are made up of millions of tiny ice crystals which reflect of the moon causing a refraction.


Flying Blind... said...

Good luck with the blogging - love the moon-pic x

CraftyMummy said...

Love your Elf! Every year I think about a tree skirt and never get it organised in time... maybe I should add it to my long list!

Melody said...

Gorgeous little elf.