Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr Fox!

Get a load of this cheeky bugger, would you believe that he was not even 3 metres from my back door and he literally didn't blink an eye when I went out to get a photo. He has climbed up there obviously in search of some bread. My husband Alan normally throws a bag up there every 2nd night or so, to keep it out of the way of scavengers. We then take it down to our chickens in the morning. Just to top it off! Darcee! my youngest, went down to feed our 12 chickens on the Saturday morning only to find that they were all dead.(Thank you very much Mr Fox) We've had our chooks for 18 months or so with out an ounce of trouble, but I have noticed a lot more foxes around.....Time to re fox proof our chook pen.


clare's craftroom said...

You're right there do seem to be more around lately , poor chooks !

Lee Prairie Designs said...

They are little dickens! One of our sons lives in the country and they have lots. They are crafty creatures. Thanks for the picture.
:( Carolyn

Adoption Down Under said...

Naughty little Fox! I think he has had his last dinner at your place though.
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