Monday, August 30, 2010

Applique Needle Case Swap

Here is a couple of images of my needle case and pin cushion that I had sent to my swap partner Evelyn a little while ago. You will have to excuse the quality they have seemed to have turned out a bit bright which isn't showing the beautiful colors off too well. The centre flower I have used moss green felt for leaves with cream felt petals a red felt centre I then beaded lots of yellow glass beads in the middle it actually turned out very nice. The photo unfortunately isn't doing it much justice.


Helen said...

Hi Tracee .. your needle case and pin cushion are lovely!! I especially like the top of the pincushion with the strawberrys - did you put emery in the strawbs? or are they just for decoration. I've been tempted to do an emery pin cushion (I believe emery is available at Chemists). Your partner Evelyn is very lucky to receive such a beautiful set. The swap was lots of fun, I hope there is another similar swap soon.

Happy Sewing!

Tracee said...

Hi Helen, No I didn't put emery in the strawberries.To be honest I didn't even think of it. Now that I know I will do that on the next one I make. They are actually little pink mice and are more for decoration.