Thursday, January 29, 2015


I have also been doing some Mosaic work on my lounge floor.
I will post some photos later on with my progress.
I have also decided that this type of work is a great work out for the leg and but muscles.
Believe me some days I haven't even been able to get up the stairs from all of the crawling around I've been doing.
Dabbled with a little bit of stitching using my cottage garden threads
The colours in this one are super cute.
 With all of the hard work I've been doing I rewarded myself with a new machine
His name is Bernie and believe me he is one smooth operator.
I'll be just fine with him once I finally get through reading the giant phone book size manual.
This is my practice pieces
I just need some more time to play.


Christine M said...

Looking forward to seeing your mosaic floor. Those threads are very pretty. Have fun getting to know Bernie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracee love your stitchery the thread is very pretty and wow you are going to have some fun with Bernie,I love my Bernina,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Bev C said...

Hello Tracee,

Oh your flooring sounds so interesting, the aches will soon be a distant memory. Have fun with Bernie.

Happy days.

kiwikid said...

Hello to Bernie!!
Can't wait to see the progress on your floor....think how tight your butt muscles will be when you are finished!!
Your practise pieces are wonderful!

Anthea said...

Well now, Bernie is a very handsome man... He'd better be prepared to produce some lovely stitching for you!
I look forward to seeing some pics of the mosaic work... your butt looks great, LOL

Sharyn Baldwin said...

Wow, I do love Bernie - lucky you!
Your hand stitching is so pretty - the colours are beautiful

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Bernie looks gorgeous love your projects x

Elyte said...

Wow that is one special new toy, have fun playing. Looking forward to seeing photos of the new mosaics and your blog hop post.