Monday, May 19, 2014

Mill Rose take 2

and the swaps continue
 Barb with her lovely swap gift
 Whats that wished that you had entered the swap...oh well there is always the next one Elyte.
But everything is so beautiful remarks Anne.
 Now look what Marg received from the very clever Sue
 I think Marg is looking for choccies.....
 No Marg they are not pills...but they are needles.
Oh and a lovely cup of diet soup...what a clever idea Sue.
This is Helen....a newbie to the group...she was such a lovely was very nice to meet you Helen
 Our lovely organiser Christine

 Hey Annie...I can't wait until our Christmas meet...we might fiind some ideas hanging around here.
Oh I don't believe a word you say....that's a load of rubbish....hehehe
 But this here isn't....look at all the wonderful makes by so many talented women.
A small show n tell...this time round...a gorgeous quilt made by Marg
and Kim with her lovely pin cushion.
Oh we are off to lunch....we really do love this part of the day.
because we get to see what's on the Beverage list....
hiccup, hiccup.
It's been a real blast...see you gals at the next one.


willsquiltn sew said...

A great post, such a laugh and what a wonderful day we had!

Elyte said...

Thank you so much for sharing the day. Love seeing the beautiful gifts and show and tell. Hope we didn't make too much noise, we seemed to hog the camera a bit. Will our "otherselves" be coming to the next Mill Rose meet? Who are the real group members, us or them?

Anonymous said...

lol what a funny post kiddo ,it sure was a fun day.xx

Leanne said...

Such a fun day had by all. Beautiful swap pressies.

kiwikid said...

Great post Tracee, had a good laugh!

marina said...

lol what a gorgeous post,
boy feeling the love! I hope you won't been taking us to work with you this week...
so many beautiful swap gifties and sad I missed out on seeing marg's quilt, it is gorgeous.

Helen said...

That's one great post Tracee it was a fabulous day !!!

Cheryll said...

Too funny!!!
I think you were missed too! :)

Cheryl said...

Sorry I missed catching up with you and all the others Tracee. Gorgeous swap gifts as always. Was good the "girls" could join you, even if niot in person

Anthea said...

Very lovely posts & pics from the day Tracee! Does any stitching get done, or is that not the point?!

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