Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween with the Gisborne Quilters

Down in the eerie hollows of a little spooky town in Gisborne a gathering of 5 gorgeous ladies and my daughter Chloe...who is also gorgeous, but she was the photographer for the night.
any way....these ladies conjured up the most amazing creations using only the spells that had been passed down from generation to generation....known as needle and thread.
We had a great night having a giggle at each other the lady on the left of the photo also had a brain sticking out the top of her head.
There was candy, spooky table runners a scary lantern and awful cakes.
I'll also be joining up with Cheryll and the girls for.....
Everyone is WelcoMe


Moose-ings said...

Those cupcakes were hellishly good! And that brain still creeps me out!

Anonymous said...

lol you ladies are so funny,hello Cloe.xx

Christine M said...

Sounds like there would have been a lot of laughing there last night. See you tonight Tracee!

kiwikid said...

We had fun didn't we!! That brain is not the best!! But the cupcakes were amazing!

debbie said...

sounds like you had heaps of fun...xx debbie