Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tissue paper flowers.

50 Giant tissue flower balls
300 small tissue flowers
40 Teeny tissue blossoms
86 Choc coated dark fruit cake pops
and I am pleased to say we are done. Yeah for us.
We went down on Friday to hang our flowers up and to put out the centre pieces.
 The wedding was on Saturday I do believe it went off with out a hitch.
This is the wedding guest finger print board.

The flowers looked great it was if they were just floating in mid air. We used fishing line so that way it was invisible to the naked eye.

At this stage the tables still needed to be set with glasses and cutlery and the tea lights that are in the jars just needed to be lit.

The tables still needed to be arranged and chairs added but I was assured that people were coming Saturday morning to do this.
I'm still waiting on photos of the hall set up in its completed stage with tea lights a glow.
I have been told though that every one was extremely happy and loved the work that was done.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful job you have done Tracee it looks wonderful.xx

Flying Blind... said...

You did great!