Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cupboard finished

Today I actually got the Australian Toil cupboard inserts finished.
It's amazing as to how much neater this cupboard now looks.
I may have to find some decorative handles to cover up those holes and find an old key which of course would need a handmade tassel.
See there is always something to do.
I also had an appointment tonight to donate blood, I haven't given for a while due to being ill or just having recent operations.
But tonight was special my 16 year old daughter also wanted to donate so with this being her first time we booked in together.
Well needless to say she went just fine and was quite pleased with the fact that she has now saved 3 lives.
As for me I was refused, because after they did my iron test (3 Times) they decided that it was too low and they didn't want to risk it.
So off to the doctor with me.


Bron said...

Your cupboard looks great ...and good for you donating blood together. x

Flying Blind... said...

The cupboard looks brilliant - well done!
Now get munching some raw meat and Cheerios! xx

KAYLEE said...

Love the Cupboard. I also used to donate blood and June 2 years ago my haemoglobin levels were very low, well that started the ball rolling, went to see my Dr and I have had LOTS of different tests and now my Dr won't sign off for me to donate.