Friday, September 7, 2012

What a Hoot

 As always.....It's been a while, but hey some times that's life! I'm sure that many of you can understand that, some days, weeks or even months life in general gets busy.
 I have done a little sewing though...above is Olly the Owl he is so adorable and very soft & cuddly. If your after the free pattern you will find it here..
 I have also made a little pram throw out of polar fleece and the same plush backing that I used on Olly.
 I did get to the Stitches and Craft Show in Melbourne recently and I couldn't resist these little key holders.
Designed by-Dali Zakka you will find their Blog here..
Here is a small update on my floor, I'm just about there. I need to get more grout another 10 bags and I should be all done...Oh what will I do with my time then.

Hugs to all!
Tracee xxx 

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Melody said...

So cute. I love owls. I've just realised (and checked the map) that you live pretty close to Ballan. You'd be very welcome at our next Mill Rosie bloggy get together. I'd love to meet you. Hugs