Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Long Over Due Up Date

I'm hoping that you can see the image in my mosaic creation below. It is what I call my Tree of Life. 
The trunk is a very curvaceous woman with her arms coming out from the side, which then become the branches of the tree. The green circle is a glass pendant on her neck.

I have since found green tiles which will fill in the blank spots to create the leaves.
I have so much trouble finding green tiles. Seriously! Who would of thought that they would be so hard to come by.

The branches are made of slate, which does not break as nicely as the tiles but the effect in the long run should be worth while. 
As you can see the black birds from my previous post are flying out from the tree.

Now half way through this project I was starting to feel a tad over ambitious and I did quite a bit of cursing at myself for taking on such a huge area in one go. 
But very slowly ....I'm getting there and I'm beginning to feel that it is all coming together and that all of my hard work is starting to pay off.
I hope to have it grouted or at least half grouted by the weekend. Keeping fingers crossed! We will just see how many interruptions arise.


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Darcy :) said...

Looks awesome in real life too :P

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