Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hanging Rock

The other weekend I had the privilege of looking after my girl friends kids whilst she was at a meeting with her husband in Sydney.
I decided to take them out to for the day to our famous Hanging Rock.

The views were certainly stunning.
Once you made it to the top....

I loved the rock formations and there was lots of slopes & rock climbing for the kids.

I did promise the kids ice cream if they made it to the top and down again.

They were certainly pooped by the end.
Much to their surprise I then took them over to Mt Macedon another one of our land marks.
It is here where we had a delicious lunch.
I can certainly tell you the next day at my house was a very quiet one with three very exhausted children.


Flying Blind... said...

Got to love anything that makes kids sleep!

rosie said...

Hi Tracee, I can remember climbing the rock when my children were tiny.. It had that eerie feeling from when I watched the film 'Picnic At Hanging Rock'.. I should climb it again now!!

Meredith said...

Your amazing Tracee; but privelage? Sure you weren't exhuasted when you wrote that? The kids had a great time thanks so much.