Sunday, February 12, 2017

As promised Mrs Palmer

Well lookie has certainly been a while since I've made some type of appearance on my blog.
I'm not even going to mention how long...for that will make me feel even worse.
With all excuses aside, and moving I seem to be forever hearing lately,
I have a blog post...requested by a very dear friend Mrs Palmer
Now I'm sure that a lot of you would know Mrs Palmer mostly by the name of Sue over at

So here is to you Mrs Palmer a blog post by me......Mrs Perry
I found this cute panel of critters and thought that I would sew them up in to softies
I  have filled their bellies with lavender, they smell divine and I am now extremely calm.
 I have finished a quilt top of snowball blocks, made with Tim Holtz fabrics and shot cotton
 Now I also made a Hussif....To be honest I had no idea what a Hussif was...but after researching they are very's just that I have never heard them being called that before.
This was a free pattern from the block of the month that I had joined...called Down the Rabbit Hole. By Sarah Fielke
 So I decided to embroider on my machine a collection from Alice in Wonderland
to suit the theme.
 My bunny has little watch pieces stitched to him, along with painted eyes &felt eye lids
 The of course from the Tim Holtz range
 The clock faces suit the Rabbit for always being late & the Mad Hatter just in time for tea
Yes.....I know what your all thinking...what! another block of the month...I know! I have about a million of unfinished projects...but hey I don't drink, smoke or hang with naughty this is my vice.
Last but not least my block for a charity very first foundation pieced block, I actually quite enjoyed that process.
So there you go Mrs Palmer, I hope that I didn't disappoint. 


kiwikid said...

Wow you did heaps and no I am not disappointed, very happy in fact. Love the toys they look great. Love the block, imagine what you can do with your next foundation project! !! Your snowball quilt looks amazing too, love it!! And I gave learnt something new too...a Hussif????? Looks amazing love that too. Very well done Mrs Perry, I am most impressed!😉

kiwikid said...

Forgot to say it is wonderful to see you back blogging.

marina said...

so lovely to see you sharing your makes! just had to scroll down and check when your last post was. Ooooh it was a long time ago.
Hope you keep up your posting!
love your Hussif and your snowball top it gorgeous.
Not too sure you have declared all your vices?

Elyte said...

Definitely not one to shirk a challenge.
Lovely to see your work again.
Cute little softies and great with with the Tim Holtz fabrics
Very creative little hush.
Hard to find the time to do the fun things.

Moose-ings said...

Welcome back to blogland. And what a splash! Gorgeous critters, and I can't wait to see more of that snowball quilt, looks awesome. Never heard of a hussif, looks intriguing.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Hello! Lovely to read your your sweet critters and seeing all that beautiful sewing xx Hats off to Mrs Palmer for the little prod!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracee great to see you blogging.
OMg your quilt and hussif are awesome,lol just love that rabbit,well done.

Anonymous said...

oops sorry Tracee i forgot to say i love how you have put Lavender in the stuffef animals.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh! I love your huswif! I am so inspired by alice in wonderland at the moment!

elliek said...

Loving all the work. The hussif is sensational.

Anthea said...

Hi Tracee - so glad Mrs Palmer coaxed you out of blog-hiding!
What a fabulous Hussif you made - such great fabrics & lovely to see so much of the details of it.
As Bert in Mary Poppins says - "Don't stay away too long!"

Wendy said...

I love that bunny!

Chookyblue...... said...

Great work......

Anne McAllister said...

wow you have been very very busy in your time away from blog land Mrs P!!!! Love your work and your wee rabbit is just gorgeous xx

สวยพี่สวย said...

Forgot to say it is wonderful to see you back blogging.


Helen said...

Nice to see you blogging, love your bunny and Hussif. Great idea with the lavender bunnies,