Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Can you believe that there is only 
42 Days and 17 hours 
until Christmas
Where does the time fly.....
Well spring arrived and gives us a lovely show by always supplying us with lovely little surprises like these gorgeous ducklings
Mum & Dad duck had 15 ducklings and due to nature and everything else that life can throw at them are down to 8 ducklings.
They are all doing extremely is so nice to watch them grow up.
And this is one of my new magnolias that has showed it's first bloom.
Halloween has also been and gone
Some people just shouldn't be let out of the house.
Marina wearing the very stylish purple Witchy Poo outfit.
I think that this one may need a nose job....for it is far too small for our Withcy coven 
Gorgeous Jenny from New Zealand...not that we'll hold that against her is looking super ugly with her pumpkin wand...mind you she broke that with in like 2 minutes...some people just shouldn't be allowed toys
Jenny number 2 having a cackle over someones poor joke and looking divine in her skeleton cape.
Donna bringing the coven to order with her pitchfork and puff of red smoke
I guess that is better than blowing hot air out your...........
We always spoil ourselves with yucky treats...the talent of these ladies just keeps on rolling in.
Now a very dear friend of mine had a Birthday and I surprised her with a Sue Spargo inspired pin cushion
that I tweaked into a rainforest look flower with a bubba Orangutan 
How cute is he...Happy Birthday Sue
I have also done work on my mosaic floor...sorry I forgot to take photos,
I will put some up soon.
Hubby surprised me with this bunch of flowers for our 24th Anniversary
28 years together
I also received a lovely home cooked meal too...mmm I may have to keep him a bit longer.
How are your shirt challenges going ladies....this is a hard secret to keep....I so want to share my progress..


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracee,love this post,you girls sure have some fun meetings and love your little duck family we usually have a family but we havent seen them this year,see you Saturday my lovely friend.xx

Fiona said...

what a fun post.....

kiwikid said...

Such fun to read and see the Halloween photos! I love my bubba 'ranga heaps thank you very much you clever friend you!! Where is your shirt challenge progress...I thought there might be another sneak photo there!!! Love the little ducks, we only have bunnies here.

Elyte said...

You ladies sure did let your hair down during Halloween. Great idea for Sue's pincushion, it will definitely make her sew and smile. See you soon.

marina said...

boy you girls get up to some kooky stuff or is this what you normally carry on like? Love the pincushion you made for Sue.
Happy anniversary!! You sure got the gold class treatment, maybe he was scared you might give him the flick? lol
go on give us another sneak peek of your shirt challenge...
see you saturday!

Diane-crewe said...

time really does FLY.. and by the look of those pictures so do you lot when you get the broomsticks out!! lol x Congratulations on your anniversary x We are in dull wet windy and miserable November here x As my granny used to say .. the dull dark days before Christmas are here xx.. nice to see your bright colours for that reason .. though sad the ducklings are less in number x

Anthea said...

Tracee, it's not very often I feel I can honestly say you all look very ugly! Fun times!

Sharyn Baldwin said...

you girls certainly do know how to enjoy yourselves, it is lovely to see!

Anita said...

Hey, your friends look like the same sort that I have!.....really strange. lol. Looks like you had heaps of fun.
Cheers, Anita.