Monday, July 7, 2014

Astronomical Quilt Star Block Challenge.

Now now don't stress....this is not another challenge that I'm begging you to join, but this is one that I and a couple of friends had done.
Quite a while back someone was calling for 9" star blocks to be sent to Texas so that they could be joined up with Astronaut Karen Nybergs block and made into a quilt.
So we thought why not.
Here is our results.
This is my block, I thought that the Stars and sky would suit this theme just perfectly
Here we have Anettes block on the left, Margs block in the middle and mine on the right.
Hopefully these will join up with many others and the quilt will be on display at the 40th Anniversary Quilt Festival Show in Fall in Houston 2014


sunny said...

What a wonderful idea! The quilt is off to a great start.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracee i think thats a lovely idea,i do hope we get to see the quilt when it is made up and i can say hey there's my friends block,good on you girls,see you Tuesday week my friend.xx

marina said...

you have all made great blocks to send to Texas.
Nothing wrong with another challenge?

Raewyn said...

The blocks look great - I had been going to make a block too, but never got around to it!

Josie said...

Those blocks are brilliant. I particularly like how you've used the star and cloud fabrics... very apt. Nice to be part of something 'big' eh!

Helen said...

All three blocks look fabulous, what a great idea. I hope you get to see the finished quilt :)

donna said...

The blocks are beautiful. Such a great idea. Do you come to Houston for Market/Festival?