Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekend Catchup

The Sunbury Stitchers and Quilters Quilt Show
What a fantastic day was had.......there was Frivolity, Belly laughs, Food, amazing company...for we met up with the city girls who are always so much fun and yes did I mention food and maybe a bit of man chasing, along with imaginative shirt ripping.
Even a bit of spin the bottle over lunch and Marg was more than happy to oblige.
No alcohol needed at our meet ups.
 Some very creative bags at the show.
 Along with some very clever displays
 of old times passed
 Well done Sunbury it all looks great.
 You always find talent and beautiful quilts at these places.

 Oh and the odd peeping tom
 Works of art from people who have way too much patience.
 I just loved this.
 So much work in this my camera did not do it justice

Just lovely
Even the white glove lady wearing the cashmere scarf got involved with our laughs
Yes the food was great, the company was terrific and they are definitely water bottles on the table not wine bottles.
Thanks for a great day ladies.
Grab the Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) button
and tonight I'll be here.....will you join us.


Christine M said...

So many gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing them Tracee. See you tonight!

Melody said...

Wow, looks like a wonderful show.

debbie said...

Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing. xx debbie

willsquiltn sew said...

So much fun! Great friends and many laughs. Thanks for sharing your photos. Did I get the wrong idea when the bottle was spun and landed pointing at me? I thought.....

marina said...

lovely to revisit our Sunday outing! It was wonderful..
Of course the man chasing was only for their shirts...
had a giggle seeing Annie and her new friend again.
Thank goodness we don't drink, could you imagine the mayhem then??

Tania said...

We did have the best day. Am currently FNSIing and underground railroading over here, Hope you are having a great night. Yes, thank goodness we don't drink, the ensuing mayhem just doesn't bear thinking about!! xx

Elyte said...

Aah, the memories….

kiwikid said...

Great post! Many happy memories!
Just as well those men with the shirts of interests could move quickly!!

Fiona said...

i love it when you all get together and tell us about it... a bit of shananigans...