Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Catch Up Time.....

First off- The photo word challenge


Why is it that the giants in my house forget about short ass me.....not that I'm that short, I measure a whopping 162cm. Mind you though all of the men in the house hold are well over the 6ft mark.
All I ask is that they lower the  shower head for me so I don't have to "stretch"

"Just Book It"

Now this is where I join up with Sharon over at vroomans quilts and a bunch of over lovelies to make a project out of a book, Magazine etc that we have laying lifelessly on our shelves.
1 project a month!
I also have a folder with lots of free projects that I've been saving, with all good intentions of me going to make them one day.
This time I finally got around to make the Mug Bag from Red Brolly Designs
Yes, I have used Tim Holtz eclectic elements range.
This is it opened, I even have a tea bag holder.
and this is the back.


I join Kris from Tagalong Teddies and Peg from happy in quilting
Who are the lovely ladies that keep us all motivated and they also keep a tally of all of our finishes.
This is all of my finishes for March a total of 29 Items
1 Elf
1 Flag on a stick
1 Mug Bag
9 Lavender draw sachets
6 Lavender eye masks
9 Burp cloths
2 Hot Pads

And not forgetting the flags on a stick.


Cattinka said...

You accomplished a lot in the last month, and that mug bag is in my to-do folder also.
I am also the shortest one in our family, and I always notice when I drive a car that one of the men used before me. I always sit way low and my feet will not touch the pedals.

kiwikid said...

You have had a really productive time Tracee!! I have the same problem with the shower and as the lady above also the car - strange how I put the seat back to where it was when I am finished with it but no one else does!!!

Fiona said...

thats a great heap of finishes.... well done...
love your fabric choice for the mug bag... it's just perfect...

gilly said...

Wow, you had a busy month of March! The mug bag is my favourite - what a great idea :-)

Shaz said...

You have been so productive, I'm envious - I can't seem to get anything finished at the moment!!

Love your stretch - poor short person:):)

Diane-crewe said...

your bag is great x good choice for stretch ... you had a busy month .. well done with your finishes x

marina said...

a productive month!
love your mug carrier. I have that pattern saved too. One day.....
keep on stretching..

Elyte said...

You have been very busy. Good idea making projects from the volumes of books and magazines that we all seem to have.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Gosh I have folders full of printouts too. I do love those mug bags and yours turned out lovely.

Flying Blind... said...

Go you!!!

Teresa in Music City said...

That mug bag is amazing! Love your fabric choices too :*)

Kathleen Wall said...

I can identify. I'm not quite 155 cm. Have the same problem. Congratulations on all your finishes.

Nanny said...

Well done Tracee-Lee

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful project you have made Tracee,you have done a wonderful job and i love the fabric range that you have used,well done.xx

Val Spiers said...

That mug bag design is great. I like those fabrics.