Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December...What a month it's been... continued

We had our works Christmas break up at our place on the Sunday before Christmas.
Another fantastic event that went off with a hit.
What can I say more food, fun and laughter.
The sun set put on an awesome display for us.
Christmas day itself was also at my place the family arrived for lunch.

 The family....gotta love them all.

 Josh with my beautiful Niece & Nephew
There was even a tree huger....yes this is my little brother Shannon....
please don't hold that against me.
Christmas eve a dear friend of ours ended up in hospital...(sending you my love)
and then on boxing day we woke up to our neighbours cries for help. There house had caught fire. I rang 000 & My family all rallied together so quickly to lend a hand, I'm so proud of you all. Thankfully no one was hurt. Our lovely neighbours had not long moved in it wouldn't of been a month. We have had so much support and calls from the local community as to how they can help it has been very over whelming for them. They do appreciate it all but they are still adjusting to the idea of losing there dream home.
I have passed on every ones love and support to them.

So at the end of the all out there......please don't sweat on the small stuff, love your family & friends with all your heart, be creative, honest, reliable, caring, dance, sing and most of all be your self.
and remember dreams can always be re made.


Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely post Tracee. Great to see your family together sharing fun and laughter at this special time. My heart goes out to your neighbours. Love the very true sentiments you expressed. Happy 2014 to you & yours x

Melody said...

Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to another year of seeing all your wonderful sewing. Your photos are wonderful too. I;m so sorry to hear about your neighbours. Our lovely neighbour (younger than me) passed away suddenly on Christmas eve. Life can be so tough.

Elyte said...

You entertained so many people over several events last month and each looked like a roaring success. You summed it all up - family, friends and good neighbours and the rest just falls into place. Best wishes for 2014.

Natalie Santini said...

Lovely photo of the tree-amazing. Thinking of your neighbors, thank goodness you were there to help... Happy New Year friend.

marina said...

what great pics with so many happy faces!
love the hippy themed birthday.
Well done to Chloe, your family must be wonderful too for her to feel comfortable to make her announcement. It's such a big step.

barbara woods said...

Happy new year to you , don't know what's worse you'll temps or our nearly 0 tonight in georgia

O'faigh said...

A Belated Happy New Year to you, bless you for rallying and supporting your neighbours. You never know in this world from day to day...Hugs, O'faigh

kiwikid said...

Oh boy is all happening at your place! Love the Christmas photos, so good to get all the family together and to get a photo! I hope your friend is better and the neighbours coping. Love your very, very true!!
Looking forward to catching up.

Gail B said...

Hi Tracee
Your mother gave me your blog address, so I thought I would have a look around, took me awhile to find it but here I am. Love the happy photo I see your mum there and Shannon, gee don't people change over time. Well enough of the chit chat I'll go and have a brouse, will come back later