Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Surprises

I hoped that this would slip by....but nooooo they just keep on coming.
I must admit though I do like to receive pressies.
my gorgeous family once again spoilt me with lots of hugs, kisses and flowers.
Chloe gave me the Crystal Bible 3.
and then they handed over the beast
along with a box of goodies
I had to warn my hubby and family, that if they came home and I was all jittery and bouncing off the walls that night it would be because I'm on caffeine high from trying my variety of goodness.
My gorgeous friend Tania made me this gorgeous little mug rug.
(I can now join Shez's mug rug club)
And Sue surprised me with this lovely little hand made mud cake...Yummmy
(Just ignore the Ferguson Plaire board)
I also received a day of phone calls.
Thank you everyone for making my day so special.


Christine M said...

Happy birthday Tracee. You kept that very quiet on Saturday! Hugs, Christine

Anonymous said...

yes you did keep this quiet,Happy birthday my dear friend,sounds like you had the perfect day,what wonderful goodies you got,yes this mug rug club is quite popular at the moment,lol,have a wonderful week my lovely friend.xx

Fiona said...

birthdays just can't sneak by!! happy birthday ... I would love to come and pop over for coffee and enjoy your mug rug!!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Happy birthday, your gifts look lovely, gorgeous cake too! The crafty hijinks looks wonderful in the previous post.

kiwikid said...

Photos are great Tracee...enjoy that birthday as long as you can!!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Happy Birthday and yes you did keep that quiet. hugs xx

Nicky said...

Belated birthday wishes Tracee.... hope you've come down off that caffeine high!