Saturday, March 2, 2013

Arty Party

What a fun and creative day I've had.
I headed off bright and early this morning with Sue to the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.
This is where the Scrap book and Paper Expo was being held.
The Building
I love this old building!
We booked into the Arty Party class with Jane Davenport.
Nothing better than being able to create mess and play with gesso, matt medium, paints and inks.
We also got to rip paper and let our imagination flow.
Jane is a fabulous teacher, she always makes everything look soooo easy.
Until you have a go at it yourself.

This is Janes art work

You can check out her website here

Both gorgeous pieces.
and this is mine.
Lots of practice needed but with patience and dedication I will get there.


Carin Aschan said...

I think yours looks great!

Anonymous said...

wow Tracee i think yours looks fantastic,you are a clever bean,well done.xx

laurajane said...

I think yours is very good,well done you.xx

Christine M said...

I think you've done a fantastic job Tracee!

kiwikid said...

Yours looks amazing Tracee - love the stamping!

Flying Blind... said...

Oh you are good!

sewyouquilt2 said...

fantastic job!

Jane Davenport | Artomologist said...

Gorgeous Tracee! It was a great morning and lovely to share that creative time with you!