Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mill Rosie Friends---Take 3

One of the most exceptional days of the year that I look forward to is our
 Mill Rosie Bloggers get together.
This is our 3rd meet up and let me tell you it just gets better and better each time.
This is the gorgeous bunch of ladies that attended this year.
Sharon, Elyte, Shez, Christine, Marina, Robyn, Marg, Barb, Rosalie, Cheryl, Tracee, Melody and Sue

At each meet up a swap is held for those who wish to play along.
The theme for this meet was a Rosalie Quinlin project.
So I made a Dolly from the pattern Little Bag of Dollies
& turned it into a key ring.
I also turned one of  Rosalie Quinlins Hope, Love and Friendship stitchery pattern 
into a wall hanging and instead of red work I did this in a variegated pink.
We once again enjoyed a scrumptious lunch and the weather was so perfect that we were able to eat out side in the garden.

Stay tuned for more Mill Rosie shenanigans.
But not before I thank the wonderful Melody who organised this brilliant day for all of us girls.


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Just sitting here looking at your photos make me want to go back there now :o) Cant wait until the next one :o) hugs

Anonymous said...

lol,i agree with Shaz,it was such a wonderful day and i thoroughly enjoyed myself with everyone,so much fun and laughter and love your swap gifts,you are so clever my friend.xx

marina said...

I'm with sharon, wish it was on again this weekend!
Here's to lots of shenanigans!

Cheryl said...

Lovely photos Tracee and a wonderful day - I so enjoyed it. And I was the lucky recipient of your most beautiful wallhanging and keyring, thankyou so very much - I loved them both

Flying Blind... said...

Looks like you ladies had a lovely time!