Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mandala Challenge 2013 January

This year I have signed up for the Totem Animal Mandala Challenge
I thought that this may keep my right side of the brain working productively and help stop the left side from taking over.
This is just a fun challenge organised by Guadalupe over at Guada's Circle
Each month we will receive a Totem Mandala to paint colour etc we can even add our own personal touches.
Sometimes it's just nice to zone out and create away.
I have added my own special touches to my January Mandala and I have used Markers, Pencils & Paint. 


Flying Blind... said...

Sweet x

Anonymous said...

its fantastic tracee,well done.xx

Val Spiers said...

I love your mandala. It is nice to draw and colour in. I do that when I design things. Those car service people are buggers. I wish there was some way to ruin their day.

kiwikid said...

Lovely Tracee...keep it up!

trish nonaka said...

I like the way you added to the edge with the swirl. Great addition!