Friday, October 26, 2012

Strip Quilt

Here is my strip quilt all pieced together, I'm a little disappointed in the way that the colours blocked up I was hoping that they would of been a bit more random.
I really wanted to do this in batiks and this was the only roll that I could find locally a 20 strip x 51/2 inches jelly roll.
I had seen many strip quilts made and I always liked the ones that were done in batiks they just seemed to flow a lot better.
So I figured that was fine I would just cut my roll in half and then I would have my forty strips.
Now instead of 2 strips of each colour I ended up with 4.
So little Miss organizer me thought not a problem I would separate them all going from dark to light with 4 different groups.
As you can see not such a great idea because now my colours have blocked up.
Oh well all a learning curve next time I will just piece them all as they are.
So my thinking cap is on to see how I can improve the look of this quilt.
Maybe some form of silhouettes.


laurajane said...

It's gorgeous,I really can't see why you are a bit disappointed . I love it.xx

Flying Blind... said...

Oh I like the blockiness of it x

sewyouquilt2 said...

depending on if the quilt was for a gift or baby how about dark lettering inthe light section. I can envision the word BABY for a boy baby quilt or LOVE for a lap quilt for a loved one. I like it! but I know what you mean. I wanted to try a scrappy one with my scrap pile and cutting strips and sewing them together.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I've been wanting to try one of these too and, like you, like the batik versions the best. Do you do any applique? I wonder if a few circles applied randomly would break up the solid areas. Or, put it aside for a few days and reassess. Sometimes an unexpected effect can grow on you.