Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday School Fete

So today I was off to Melton to help mum with her craft stall.
At the start I was a bit concerned with the weather considering we had thunder and lightning at our place.
But by the time I got to Melton the sun was starting to shine, and yes I mean shine we ended up getting to a top of 27 Degrees, which is okay, it is nice to warm the is the wind I can't stand and yes that picked up nicely which left a lot of stall holders spending most of their time saving stock.
Over all it wasn't too bad of a day mum made some money and we had a lovely day together.
Followed by an enjoyable Tea at a local Chinese Restaurant.


Flying Blind... said...

Glad you and your mum had a successful and dry time x

Melody said...

Your mum's stall looks great. Glad you had fun.

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