Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

 Today was just a perfect day, the sun was shining the birds were singing....
Oh my god now I'm starting to sound like Snow White.
Any way my hubby had whipped me up a delicious poached egg for breakfast.
Very Yummy he even decorated it with herbs.
Little Harmony was being extremely lazy
My 14 year old son is into Reggae at the moment and tried his hand at some graffiti art work.

No this is not a self portrait.
And I spent all day on my hands and knees crawling all over the floor putting the finishing touches of seal to all of my branches.
Certainly makes her stand out so much better.
So now I can say that my floor in this area is 100% totally finished.
Hip Hip Hooray.


Flying Blind... said...

Artistic family! The floor is AMAZING!!!

Melody said...

I agree - the floor is amazing.