Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thanks to Google

Excuse me for the little bit of a rant and rave that I'm just about to do...
I can not believe the trouble that I have had over the last couple of days with my gmail and my blog.
As I went to check my mail the other day, I had a sign pop up saying that my acct has been locked along with all other affiliates to my acct until I can prove that I am over the age of 13...
13 for heavens sake I'm 42!
Can you believe it I have had this CRAFT/QUILTING blog and email for years then all of a sudden it's was all gone.
I couldn't check my blog for it said that it had bee removed.
Believe me panic does set in especially when you put so much effort into your blog, and the thought of losing all the friends that you make whilst blogging along with all of the swaps and groups that you join.
Not Happy.
So after sending off the required proof of age, my gmail has been returned.
Now to check the blog oh no that had still been removed.
So as I was just about ready to do my block...
When A MIRACLE happens
my blog was suddenly accessible again.
So now I'm feeling nothing but relief..
Modern technology.......
You just gotta love it....


Flying Blind... said...

I had one of those scares the other night - nice big message asking me if I would like to set up a blog as I didn't have one!
Asking me for passwords I set up years ago was enough to blow my blood pressure sky high - I got mine all sorted in an hour, but I was panicing, which in itself is a bit of a worry BUT got there before I could go to bed, as wouldn't have slept!
Glad to have you back! xxx

Karen said...

Lots of strange things going on with Blogger, I keep my fingers crossed each time I sign in.

Quilt Kitty said...

Google can be the best of friends & the worst when it is up to no good. I just went to the FNSI sign up & saw my name already there. It's the first time I have come across another Tracee spelt with the double e's - yah us! Now to go read heaps of your blog, looks like my kind of places. What productive girls you have, fresh eggs, one day... Tracee xx

Kelli said...

Ahh, I hate when things like that happen!! Glad everything is restored. :o) Happy Weekend!