Friday, October 7, 2011

Quick update!

Unfortunately I have not been on to blog for a while, the main reason for this is that my faithful computer that has my camera program on it has been in the shop for months with a terrible virus. Brendan, assures me that it will not be too much longer and that unfortunately it looks like a complete over hall. ( Yes he has all of my program discs as well) I really can't push too much for he normally fixes my computer for a few home cooked meals which is readily shared by my husband an kids. It just doesn't seem the same blogging with out any pics. 
But I have managed to enter my self in Micheles weekly quilt contest Fall Splendor Quilts. I just happened to have done a log cabin quilt for my hubby a few years ago which is perfect for this theme. Any way wish me luck!


Flying Blind... said...

Oh I love the leaves, and the Christmassy banner is looking good!
Off to vote... xx

Helen said...

Yes, I'm off to vote too!!!

Hope your puter gets well soon,

Happy Sewing!!

and good luck with the comp!

rosie said...

Hi Tracee, just found you via the quilt show site.. I love your name.... Looking forward to reading more..

Béa said...

Very beautiful quilt and colours !