Monday, June 21, 2010

Curve Master Giveaway

If you pop on over to the Wedding Dress Blue's blog site you will find that you could go into the draw to win a Curve Master Presser Foot. This sound like a very impressive tool for those darn wedding ring quilts.


Deanna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and mentioning the giveaway. I admire your UFO determination. I am doing a similar thing, but I am not refusing to start new projects. I don't think I have that much determination and focus and need a little wiggle room. But, I do have a list written out and I am whittling away on it. The completions make me feel very successful. Good luck in your completions, too.

RETRO-fabulous said...

Have you used this tool? I'm a bit skiddish of the curved piecing but promised myself to give it a go this year sometime.

PS Dear Jane can be done without stitching a single pieced curve. LOL

Tracee said...

I love the dear Jane Quilt. I always thought that it had some curved pieces in it. Maybe I should of looked a bit closer. I have never used the curve master. There was a demo at one of the quilt shows, I tried to have a bit of a look but too many people in the way. I did here a lot of positive comments from other on lookers.

RETRO-fabulous said...

Tracee, Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. You are listed as a no-reply blogger so I wasn't able to email.

Dear Jane can be done as you wish.

Some quilters create baby jane projects with a portion of the blocks, some repeat their favorite blocks, others choose to recreate in utmost detail. The original does include curved piecing....maybe I'll have to do a second once I figure the curves out. lol
All my best,