Monday, June 21, 2010

Christmas Challenge 2010

Well what fun I've had, my modem crashed so needed to buy a new one. So for now I seem to be up and running again. So why is it? that every time you have really important work to do ( like Blogging ) the computer always seems to play up.
Anyway... I have done my June challenge ( Christmas Ornament ) It was a really simple project and took no time at all to whip up, it is made with felt and I added some beads and stars to jazz it up a little.


Cloth Doll Lover said...

Tracee it looks fantastic...good job.

Adoption DownUnder said...

I am looking forward to seeing your July challange fulfilled. I hope to see a lovely new table runner on your table at Christmas.
Love Mezz.

Adoption DownUnder said...

p.s Please tell me how to create a blog list eg;your - 'My Blog List?'
Thanks Mezz