Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wild Orchids Tassel

Whoa! UFO No 1 out of the way. This was a nice and simple project to get the ball rolling. I had bought this kit a few years ago at one of the many craft fairs that come through Melbourne. This is called the Wild Orchid Tassel. ( Designed by Helen Dafter ) It is just so gorgeous, I can't believe that I didn't make it straight away. This was certainly a very quick and easy project.
Looking forward to the next one....

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mezz7 said...

Hi Hestia,
Great to see you are staying on track with week 1 seeing the completion of your first project, with many more to go I imagine? I too have many unfinished projects, and should be in fact working on one right now instead off blogging, but hey, this is fun. Keep up the good the work.