Thursday, September 26, 2013

Arty Farty Road Trip

Love school holidays, no dead lines to meet. No buses or trains to get the kids to.
It's all just a matter of taking it easy for a couple of weeks.
My youngest Darcee and my self went off for a lovely drive along the Great Ocean Road.
It's amazing at how many creative items we passed.
Along the way we we stopped of at a Vintage Market,

 There was certainly heaps to browse through
On the other side of this was the Old Woolen Mill
which also had a whole heap of Industrial and rustic items.
I just adore old buildings they hold so much character and secrets.
We spent a good couple of hours poking around such an interesting place.
We then stopped off at Torquay and browsed the many surf shops.
and took photos of some fabulous art work.
This is a Sundial at Fishermans Beach Torquay
From there it was off to Anglesea for a counter meal.

At Aireys Inlet we found this carved wooden owl.
 along with the Split Point Light House
 On the way to the light house we came across this very creative house.
 and around the corner was this wonderfully carved Bunyip sculpture.

 At Lorne it was so nice to see some normally proportioned girls,
 instead of those really really skinny ones

 And on the way home as the sun was starting to set. We drove pass some amazingly made Pelicans.
These were made out of metal.
all in all it was a great day out with my 15 year old son.
Just some great quality time.


Fiona said...

loved your arty farty trip... We lived down that way for a couple of years but it was before I started creating and so never really appreciated all the art work type things... I do remember those gals in Lorne though...

Chookyblue...... said...

sounds like a great day........trying to think of something to do with my boy...........

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful arty farty trip tracee,i will be taking tracee qkitty down that way when she comes down for our nov meet,a nice way to do some bonding with your boy.xx

kiwikid said...

Looks like a great trip Tracee - love the pelicans photo!!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like the most wonderful day Tracee

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